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Product details of the arc furnace transformer

Product Overview

Lean production method is adopted to produce Ville Transformer arc furnace transformer to maximise productivity and minimise costs. Its quality is secured under our excellent technical resources and human resources. . For the market, Ville Transformer stands for a high fame, high honor and high honesty.

Product Information

Ville Transformer's arc furnace transformer has better performances, as shown below.


Model NO. HJSSPZ-20000/35 Specification IEC CE, ISO
Frequency Characteristics Power Frequency Trademark VILLE
Shape of Core Ring Origin Ningbo China
Brand Ville HS Code 8504231100
Capacity 20mva Production Capacity 400/Year
Transport Package Wooden Cases    


Electric furnace transformers are transformers which supply power to the electric furnaces. It can drop high voltage to the working voltage the electric furnaces need.

There are many kinds of electric furnaces,so there are many kinds of electric furnace transformers cooperating  with them. Now, our company manufactures following electric furnace transformers: electri furnace transformers used in steelelectric furnaces(including on-laod,no-load and enclosed reactor) ; mineral hot furnace transformers used to smelt kinds of iron alloys,hydrosilicons,carbides,etc(single phase, three phases on-load and no-load tap changer).

They are low loss and energy-saving products. Cooling methods are self cooling, forced oil water cooling,etc.It can be designed speciall  according with customers' requirements.

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The model of the electric furnace transformer is expressed as follows:

H--Steelmaking arc furnace,HJ--ladle furnace,HZ--electro-slag furnace,HC--calcium carbide furnace,HK--mineral hot furnace,HG--line frequency induction furnace;

Number of phase:D--single phase,S--three phase;

Types of cooling device :ONAN,wind cooling F,water cooling S.

The methods of oil circulation:natural circulation,forced oilcirculation P.

Tap changer:off-circuit tap changer,OLTC Z.

Enclosed attached device:changing leakage flux,enclosed reactor K.

Rated capacity:KVA.

Voltage class:KV.Capacity:20MVA 


Regulation Voltage Step:11


Capacity  20MVA  Type of tapping  On-load
Connection Symbol  Dd0 Short-circuit Impedance(%) 6.5
Primary Voltage(kV) 35 No-load Loss(kw) 30.4
Secondary Voltage(V)  320-170 On-load Loss(kw) 313.6
Regulation Voltage Step 11 Weight(Ton)  Active Part 31.4  Oil 18.5  Transportion 54 Total 60.2

Company Advantages

INGBO VILLE ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. is a company in ning bo. Our company is mainly producing transformer. Ville Transformer provides professional, diversified and international services for customers. Our products are of reliable quality, with great cost performance and you can purchase them with confidence. If you are in need, please contact us for business discussion.

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