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Aluminum foil is widely used in electrolytic capacitor material; Insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, ships, houses, etc.; It can also be used as decorative gold and silver thread
Copper foil is a negative electrolytic material, which is a continuous metal at the bottom of the circuit board. It is characterized by being very thin and can be a PCB conductor. Generally speaking, it is glued to the insulation layer above, through the printing process to form a corresponding protective layer on the surface, and then through corrosion to form a circuit pattern
Copper strip is a kind of metal components, the product specifications are 0.1 ~ 3×50 ~ 250mm various states of copper strip products, mainly used for the production of electrical components, lamp caps, battery caps, buttons, seals, connectors, mainly used as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance equipment. Such as electrical components, switches, gaskets, gaskets, electric vacuum devices, radiators, conductive base materials and automotive water tanks, heat sinks, cylinder sheets and other parts.
The composite strength is high, and the surface composite between copper and aluminum is realized. According to the different use can adjust the material of the substrate, the state of the material, adjust the comprehensive performance of the material, to meet the requirements of different use occasions. Can achieve bending, drilling, deep drawing and other processing.
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