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Instrument Transformer

Instrument transformer refers to a special-purpose instrument transformer equipment, which has two main purposes: one is to expand the range of AC electrical instruments, and the other is to isolate high voltage and high current and turn it into low voltage and small current. In the latter, it is used as a signal for relay protection, automatic devices and control circuits.Ville Transformer is the best choice of instrument transformer manufacturers.

This kind of switch applies to the three phase combination oil-immersed transformer electrical power with rated voltage of 10KV-36KV, rated current of 63A-250A; the voltage-regulating mode are: central part, terminal point ncutral point, which can be dircctly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer, exchange under the off-circuit condition.
Jdz10-7.2 Current Transformer Potention Transformer Voltage Transformer
Lzzb9 40.5 Current Transformer High Voltage Current Transformer
Gis Gas-Insulated Voltage Transformer/ Transformer Parts
Lzzbj9-12 Current Transformer Instrument Current Transformer for Mv Switchgear
66kv 110kv 220kv Tyd Single Phase Capacitor Voltage Transformer
Tyd500/ 3-0.005h 500kv Voltage Transformer
Oil Immersed Inverted Current Transformers
66kv 110kv 220kv Tyd Single Phase Capacitor Voltage Transformer
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