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VILLE ENTERPRISE has been providing OEM/ODM & custom one-stop solution to transformer users over 20 years. Only need your technical data  or CAD drawings, we can manufacture a perfect transformer .
Now we are ready to offer: 

  Detailed communication.

 Sketches drawing and confirmation with customers.
 Sample making.
 Feedback collection and further communication.
 We can arrange the transport for orders
Transformer Factory Product includes
35kv ~500kv power transformer, auto power transformer, arc furnace transformer of any type with max capacity 144MVA .reactors for AC arc furnace , rectifier transformer for each industry, step-down  transformers and special transformers for metallurgical plants, 10kv~20kv distribution transformer ,padmount transformers ,movable transformer substation , traction transformer etc. 

Its main working is suppling ,engineering, designing, manufacturing ,executing, and commissioning for transformer .

The products are mainly used in Steel plant; Power - Fossil fuel plant, Nuclear power plant, Railway, Subway and Airport. Wind power generation; Hydroelectric plant engineering; International power generation plant; Power substation transmission and distribution; Residential housing estate power distribution system. power plant auxiliary and standby transformers, transformers for substations of backbone and distribution networks.  Transformer for metallurgical companies etc. 
Now we are ready to offer
 Design, manufacturing, factory testings of transformers, export packing, shipping, insurance, export custom, transportation of transformers from the factory to port. 

  Supply the guide drawings and installation manuals information directions on the method of handling, storage, mounting and erection of transformers. 

  Supervision of installation, startup and adjusting tests, putting transformers into operations. 

  Delivery of original spare parts, materials and special technological equipment for repair works. Organization and execution of repair works. 

  Training of your personnel subject to service&maintenance of our promises. 

  Providing consulting services during all standard service life of transformers. 

  Periodic inspection, monitoring and if necessary, providing transformer's current conditions diagnostics. 
Main Flows of transformer customization service
  Customer confirms the main parameters of transformer(e.g. 1250KVA 20KV distribution transformer )
  VIlle assess the main parameters and make quotaiton
  Customer confirms quotation and pay deposit.
  VILLE Starts to making production drawing for the transformer and meanwhile purchase transformer raw material after deposit.
  Customer confirms the transformer drawings.
  VILLE Began to produce the transformer 
  After complete production and inform customer.
  The customer experts or third party inspection company do test witness for the transformer factory testing. If customer need third party testing certificate , we will send transformer to the third party laboratory after receiving the testing charge from the customer.
  Customer pays balance of the transformers. VILLE arrange transformer packing and loading.
  customer receive the transformer.
  Customer inform us the transformer  installation schedule if need our experts do the installation supervision
  Customer installed the transformer and takes acceptance .
   After Sale  keep following up and feedback
Main Flows of transformer Parts customization service
  Customer send transformer parts drawing (e.g. 1250KVA 20KV distribution transformer core )
  Ville assess the main parameters and drawings and make quotaiton
  Customer confirms quotation and pay deposit.
  VILLE Starts to making production drawing for the transformer parts and meanwhile purchase transformer raw material after deposit.
   Customer confirms the transformer production drawings.
  VILLE Began to produce the transformer parts  
  After complete production and inform customer.
  The customer experts or third party inspection company do inspection for the transformer parts. 
  Customer pays balance of the transformer parts  VILLE arrange transformer parts packing and loading.
   customer receive the transformer parts 
  Customer installed the transformer parts and takes acceptance .
  After Sale  keep following up and feedback
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Order Instructions
When you choose our company product, please offer following data: 
1. Operational environmental condition
  Installation position:   Outdoor  with direct sunshine
  Altitude:   <=1000m           
  Environmental temperature
      Maximum temperature:  +60℃   
      Minimum temperature:    -25℃
      Humidity  90%
  Pollution class:  level Ⅲ with Metallorgical dust
Equipment  Data Sheet
1. Name: e.g Three-phase dual winding with stabilization winding on-load voltage regulation oil immersion air-cold power transformer
2. Type:    
3.  Rated voltage:   
4.  Rated capacity:
5.  Rated voltage ratio: 
6.  Rated current:     
7.  Phase number:       
8.  Rated frequency:
9.  Connection set:   
10. Voltage regulating method:
11. Short circuit impedance:
12. Cooling mode: 
13. Transformer loss (under 75℃)、no-load current and efficiency
         No-load Loss: kW        According to IEC standard
         Load Loss: kW         According to IEC standard
         No-load current: %      According to IEC standard
14. Other technical specification
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