Is specialized in designing, manufacturing for power transformers ,furnace transformers and reactor.

This kind of switch applies to the three-phase combination oil-immersed transformer electrical power with rated voltage of 10KV-24KV, rated current of 30A-63A; the voltage-regulating mode are: central part, terminal point ncutral point, which can be dircctly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer, exchange under the off-circuit condition.
2600 KVA Pad mounted Transformer High Voltage: 24940 Delta,125kV BIL Low Voltage: 415 Y/ 240,30 kVBIL Taps: 2 Above,2 Below @2.5% HVBushings:(6)25kV 200A Wells & Inserts (dead front loop fe LV Bushings: (4)10-Hole Spades wl Supports
ZGS13-H American pre-installed box-type substation
YB□ -12/0.4(F · R) Outdoor Pre-installed Substation (European)
ZYDFW American cable tap box
ZYDFW European cable distribution box
ZYDFW-12 cable tap box (outdoor switch)
ZYBWG photovoltaic grid connected cabinet
DFWK Photovoltaic Special Opening and Closing
YB □ -12/0.315-0.69 (PV) Photovoltaic Special Box Transformer
Outdoor floor-type prepaid metering device
10kV/35kV Pad mounted Transformer
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