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DFWK Photovoltaic Special Opening and Closing 1
DFWK Photovoltaic Special Opening and Closing 1

DFWK Photovoltaic Special Opening and Closing


DFWK-12 series outdoor ring network cabinet is an inflatable outdoor ring network cabinet with international first-class standards developed and produced by the company using foreign advanced technology, according to the characteristics of China's regional power distribution network and the actual situation of urban distribution network cable transformation. DFWK-12 series outdoor ring network cabinet adopts XGN15-12 box-type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear. The switchgear has the advantages of modularization, expansion, full insulation, full sealing, safety and reliability, maintenance-free, etc. It is suitable for any harsh environment and is widely used in Industrial parks, residential areas, streets, airports, various buildings, bustling commercial centers and other places.

DFWK-12 series outdoor ring network cabinet standard voltage level 12kV, 24kV, can expand the distribution network automation function, realize the intelligent ring network cabinet, make the power grid stronger and smarter.

Model Meaning

Conditions of use

Ambient temperature: the highest temperature +50 ℃, the lowest temperature -40 ℃, the highest daily average temperature does not exceed 35 ℃;

◆ Relative humidity: daily average value is not more than 95%, monthly average value is not more than 90%;

◆ Wind speed: no more than 35 m/s; ◆ Pollution grade: Grade III;

◆ Earthquake intensity: 8 degrees; ◆ Ground inclination: not more than 3 degrees;

◆ Installation location: Install in a place with no fire, explosion or severe vibration, good ventilation and no corrosive gas. Special conditions

When the equipment is installed at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, it should be specially noted so that the company can adjust the SF6 pressure during manufacturing.

◆ If special bad conditions are involved, please be sure to consult the company.


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