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20+ Years Experience Power Transformer Company Provide Custom Service, Inquiry Now!
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VILLE ENTERPRISE has been providing OEM/ODM & custom one-stop solution to transformer users over 20 years. Only need your technical data  or CAD drawings, we can manufacture a perfect transformer .
Now we are ready to offer: 

  Detailed communication.

 Sketches drawing and confirmation with customers.
 Sample making.
 Feedback collection and further communication.
 We can arrange the transport for orders
NINGBO VILLE ENTERPRISE is a combination of Transformer R&D center, production, sales and after sales service, possesses of strong technical strength and excellent manufacturing equipments, as well as modern Office facilities. It specially produces large scale power transformer and industrial transformers of high quality and reliability.A large share of its resources are devoted to research and development of industrial and special transformers and reactors for any special application,such as the iron and steel and electrometallurgical industries . 

The distribution transformer products are mainly used in Steel plant; Power - Fossil fuel plant, Nuclear power plant, Railway, Subway and Airport. Wind power generation; Hydroelectric plant engineering; International power generation plant; Power substation transmission and distribution; Residential housing estate power distribution system.

Power plant auxiliary and standby transformers, transformers for substations of backbone and distribution networks. Power transformer for metallurgical companies etc. 
Main customers: 
Power sector compaines, generating companies, transmission network companies, distribution companies, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgical companies, oil and gas company, railway company, mining companies, and other industrial and municipal utility companies  having their own substations. 
   20+ Years Experience Power Transformer Manufacturer.
   One-Stop Solution Service for Custom Power Transformer.
Factory And Work Environment
We are a service provider providing globalpower equipment business with systemsolution.We have design institute andengineering company to provide customerwith solution and service includingpreliminary work, design consultancy.installation and commissioning, operationmaintenance and training.
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Honor Certificate
We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Adopting the latest technology. For many years, our brand's target market has been continuously developing. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
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