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Enamelled Copper Round Wire 1
Enamelled Copper Round Wire 2
Enamelled Copper Round Wire 1
Enamelled Copper Round Wire 2

Enamelled Copper Round Wire

Enamelled round copper wire is mainly used as an electrical conductor wherever coils are in motion.It's available size in diameters from 0.05mm to 6.0mm with different insulation, such as Polyurethane, Polyester, Polyesterimide, Polyimide etc.

1.Material: Copper

2.Color: dark red

3.Uses: Motor, transformer, compressor and other industries as well as new energy vehicles, rail transit, wind power, smart home.


Name Enameled Round Wire
Conductor Copper
Dimension Diameter:0.016~7.0  mm
Thermal Class(℃) 120(Class E);180(Class H):200(Class C);220(Class C+);240(Class  HC)
Insulation thickness G1;G2;G3
Packing PT-4~PT-200 or ply-wood spool
Application Transformer; motor;generator; modern instrument; welding machine and so on



Model Explanation 
First of all, the copper round wire is purchased from the market, put into the wire drawing machine for drawing to the required specifications, and then put into the annealing furnace for annealing, after annealing, the insulation layer is applied on the oven, and then dried. After drying, the finished paint is circulated to the paint tank of the paint coating machine for coating, and then the enameled copper wire products are packed into the inventory.

Our Advantage

* Excellent insulation and corrosion resistance 

* Excellent electrical conductivity

* thermal stability

* scratch resistance

*solvent resistance

*wire resistance

*heat dissipation

*good magnetic field efficiency



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