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Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire 1
Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire 2
Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire 3
Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire 1
Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire 2
Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire 3

Enamelled Aluminum Round Wire

Enamelled aluminum round wire is a main type of winding wire, consisting of conductor and insulation layer, bare wire is softened by annealing, and then painted several times, baked.

1.Material: Aluminum

2.Color: dark red

3.Uses: Inductor, transformer, filter, transformer, motor, voice coil, solenoid valve


Name Enameled Round Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Dimension Diameter:0.06~10.0 mm
Thermal Class(℃) 120(Class E);180(Class H);200(Class C);220(Class C+);
Insulation thickness G1;G2;G3
Packing PT-15~PT-270 or ply-wood spool
Application Transformer;motor;generator;modern instrument;welding machine and so on


Model Explanation 
1) The aluminum conductor is placed on the wire drawing machine for large and medium drawing for several times, and then made into a 0.700mm2.500mm round pin conductor. 

2) The aluminum round conductor is laid out through the washing tank for cleaning, and the aluminum round conductor is cleaned 10~20 times per minute, the continuous annealing temperature is 400600X:, and then after cooling and cleaning, the cooling water is ionic water. Ionic water conductivity is 10-20ns/cm, cooling water temperature is 60~80X:, 

3) Paint epoxy resin paint, paint 1~10 times, paint once, bake once, 

4) Paint high temperature polyester paint, polyester imide paint or modified polyester resin paint, paint 3~9 times, paint once, bake once, 

5) paint polyamideimide paint, paint 2~5 times, paint once. 

6) The product of conductor wire diameter and conductor speed in the above steps, that is, the value of enamel wire DV is 22~40, each painting time, baking time, solvent evaporation temperature is 280~3501C, film curing temperature is 390~500*C, film thickness is 0.0350.0 mm, coated with lubricating oil, After the online detection of the detector, the finished product can be received 200 grade and above high temperature polyester or polyester imide compound polyamide imide lacquer aluminum enameled wire.

Our Advantage

* simple and reasonable 

* the production cost is low

* the adhesion is strong

* the product yield is high



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