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Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire 1
Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire 2
Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire 3
Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire 1
Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire 2
Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire 3

Enamelled Aluminum Flat Wire

Enamelled flat wire is a enamelled wire with a rectangular conductor at an R Angle. It is described by the narrow edge value of conductor, wide edge value of conductor, heat resistance grade of paint film, thickness and type of paint film, etc.

1.Material: Aluminum

2.Color: reddish color

3.Uses: Motor, transformer, reactor and other electrical product


Name Enameled  Rectangular    Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Dimension Thickness(a):0.8~10.0mm;Width(b):2.0-25mm We can produce the Ultra-Flat Large Sizes wire
Thermal Class(℃) 120(Class E);180(Class H);200(Class C);220(Class C+);
240(Class HC)
Insulation thickness G1;G2:G3:G4
Packing 30kg~150kg ply-wood spool(250*400/250*500/250*600/250*730)
Application Transformer;motor;generator;modern instrument;welding machine and so on

Model Explanation 
The enamelled aluminum flat wire is first extruded, and then the extruded flat copper wire or aluminum flat wire is heat treated, painted, baked, cooled, rolled and other steps.The aluminum conductor is stretched on the wire drawing machine, pulled into aluminum round conductor, the aluminum round conductor wire through the washing tank cleaning, coated with epoxy resin paint, coated with high temperature polyester paint, polyester imide paint or modified polyester resin paint,  coated with polyamide imide paint.


Our Advantage

* Effectively reduce resistance 

* simple structure

* good heat dissipation performance

* stable performance

* good consistency

* low vibration

* low noise

* high density installation



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