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Copper Foil 1
Copper Foil 1

Copper Foil

Copper foil is a negative electrolytic material, which is a continuous metal at the bottom of the circuit board. It is characterized by being very thin and can be a PCB conductor. Generally speaking, it is glued to the insulation layer above, through the printing process to form a corresponding protective layer on the surface, and then through corrosion to form a circuit pattern

1.Material: Copper

2.Color: reddish color

3.Form:Calendered copper foil, point dissolving copper foil

4.Uses: With stable mechanical properties, high melting point and high temperature resistance, it is the best material for neutron reflectors in atomic reactors. It is an additive to alloy steel in the metallurgical industry, and is also used in refractory materials and special glass, integrated circuits, antennas and many other aspects.

Alloy No. C1100
Application low, medium, high voltage transformer
Thickness 0.1~3mm
Width 15~1220mm
Purity Cu ≥99.9
Resistivity at 20℃
Property straight and flat strips with smooth
surface and rounded edge free from

Model Explanation 
Reddish lustrous malleable metal (face-centered cubic system). Melting point 1083.4℃. Boiling point 2587℃. The relative density is 8.92. Soluble in nitric acid, hot concentrated sulfuric acid, very slowly soluble in hydrochloric acid, ammonia, dilute sulfuric acid, also soluble in acetic acid and other organic acids, insoluble in cold water and hot water. It darkens when exposed to air and gradually forms green alkaline carbonate on the surface in moist air.

Our Advantage

* Strong heat absorption ability

* Good barrier

* workability

* environmental sustainability

* thermostability

* non-defrmation


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