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132kv 11.5kv 380V-220V 25mva Mobile Substation with two trailer 1
132kv 11.5kv 380V-220V 25mva Mobile Substation with two trailer 1

132kv 11.5kv 380V-220V 25mva Mobile Substation with two trailer

Czbt1-132kv 132kv/11.5KV  movable Mobile power transofrmer substation

Outdoor,dust and water proof (132/11.5)kv,25mva Mobile substation according to IEC standard .
The Mobile substation consists of two trailer(A&B).

Trailer (A) Carries the following equipments:
* Three pcs lighting arrester of (120kv,10ka) .
*3-phase,two-pole,vertical break(145kv,630A,31.5KA/1SEC).disconnected switch with earth switch at transformer side.
*3-phase,vacuum circuit breaker(145kv,630a,31.5KA/1SEC).with spring operating mechanism.
*One,3-phase(132kv/11.5kv)25mva YND11 oil immersed power transformer with (17) steps on load tap changer(OLTC) at high voltage side with regulatio( ±10% of 132kv).
*One pcs lighting arrester of (75kv,10ka)at neutral point of 25mva power transformer.
*One,3-phase,75kva,11.5kv/380v-220v,znyn1,auxiliary&earthing transformer with neutral current 300A/10SEC.
*Safety fence.
*All current transformers for 132kv side and neutral point are bushing types.
Trailer (B) Carry the following equipments:
One cabinet dust and water proof contain the control panel,protection panel,A,C distribution board,metering and energy board and equipped with suitable air condition.
One cabinet contain the 12kv,air-insulation metal-enclosed switchgear the switchgear consists of (one panel for 12kv voltage transformer with surge arrester,one panel for 12kv incoming feeder,five panels for out going feeders).

One Cabinet contain 110V,D.C system( charger,battery and D.C distribution board) with suitable ventilation 

Technical requirements for electrical system:
132kv system 

*Highest system voltage 145kv 
*Impulse with stand voltage 
               For Bushing   650KV
               For winding   550KV 
               For Neutral 350KV 
*Power frequency withstand test voltage(for 1min) 
                For Bushing   275kv 
               For winding  230kv 
              For Neutral  140KV 
*Rated breaking capacity  31.5ka 
Creeage distance  ≥ 25mm/KV 
11.5KV System 
*Highest system voltage  12kv 
Impulse with stand voltage 
              For Bushing 75kv 
              for winding 75kv 
              for neutral  75kv 
*power frequency withstand test voltage(for 1 min).
              For bushing     28kv 
             for winding  28kv 
            for neutral     28kv 
*Rated breaking capacity    31.5KA
Creepage distance       ≥25mm/KV 


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